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Shanghai Baoling Plastic Products Co., Ltd. has a professional team of injection molding and molds。In injection molding and painting process, has many years of experience。Design, manufacture injection mold, high speed die production efficiency of up to 200 pairs per year。With 30T to 2000T various specifications of molding machines 50 sets, automatic robot spraying line 6, and in East China, South China with a strong mold and spraying technical support。UG, AUTOCADR2000, Solidworks and other software for product design and process planning。

Research and development technology
With over 20 years experience in injection molding technology, master IMR forming technology。在产品材料性能与注塑成型工艺方面开展着广泛而深入的探索开发;在高光成形和氮气成形、UV涂装和高光涂装方面有着丰富而夯实的积累,And continue to optimize and improve the mold protection detection system,Workshop information electronic control,Equipped with MES system real-time monitoring,Automatic direction detection,Packaging automation technology will continue to be further optimized in the future.
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